Side by Side Duplex | INVESTMENT

Three benefits of buying both sides of a duplex. Are these the best investment options in Edmonton...

1. Multi-Family Financing Options

When you purchase a multi-family home in Edmonton, such as a duplex, you could be eligible for different loans and lending products.

For example, if your duplex generates a rental income, this will help you qualify for a mortgage. If you decide to live in the building, you may benefit from competitive interest rates and a lower down payment.

2. Tax Deductions

Owning a rental property means that you can be eligible for deductions.

3. Rental Income

No matter at what price you purchase a duplex in Edmonton, the rental income you receive will be applied to the monthly mortgage. We have found many investment properties that almost pay for themselves. We can help you find the best investment properties to maximize your investment dollars.

Depending on the cost of the mortgage versus the rental income, you may be able to make extra payments on your mortgage and pay off the property faster.

Likewise, if the rental income exceeds the mortgage payments, you can use the extra money as personal income – or re-invest it in another rental property.

Any repair or improvement to your tenant’s spaces qualifies as a tax write-off. However, most deductions do not apply to your personal space if you live in the building – although you may be able to claim 50% of repairs and maintenance performed on common areas.

We've put together all of the side-by-side duplex properties that are good for investment in Edmonton. We can provide information about these types of investments and advise you on other types of investments that have a great return on investment.  These side-by-side duplex investment properties are available, if you like any of them, just click the "Request More Information" button. We can analyze any investment property in Edmonton for your potential return.

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