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Step into a world where potential meets possibility—TransAlta presents a curated selection of premium land offerings, ideal for investors and developers alike. Our parcels for sale are not just spaces but canvases ready for your vision, whether for commercial development, industrial use, or residential innovation. With a legacy of responsible stewardship and a commitment to sustainability, TransAlta's land assets promise strategic locations, optimal value, and the foundation for future growth. Explore the possibilities today and plant the seeds for tomorrow's success.


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Navigating the vibrant real estate landscape of Alberta, is thrilled to present exclusive listings of TransAlta land available for sale. Each parcel represents a golden opportunity for savvy investors and developers looking to capitalize on the region's growth and potential.

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Strategic Location

TransAlta lands are strategically located, offering accessibility and proximity to essential infrastructures, making them ideal for various development projects.

Versatile Development Opportunities

Whether your vision is residential, commercial, or industrial development, TransAlta lands provide the flexibility and foundation for your next successful venture.

Secure Investment

With the backing of TransAlta's reputable name, investing in these lands means you’re securing assets that promise stability and potential appreciation over time.

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Expert Guidance

Our seasoned team of real estate professionals is here to guide you through the investment process, offering expert advice and insights on the Alberta market.

Seamless Transaction Experience

From inquiry to closing, expect a smooth, hassle-free experience as our dedicated agents work diligently to ensure your investment journey is successful and stress-free.

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Ready to dive into the promising world of real estate investment in Alberta? With TransAlta lands for sale, your next big opportunity is just a click away. Explore our listings and take the first step towards a fruitful investment journey with


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With strategic locations, versatile development potential, and the trusted name of TransAlta, these lands for sale are the perfect canvas for your next project. Partner with for a seamless and successful investment experience.

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Transalta Land

Transalta Land For Sale NE3(UNCUT) 80 ACRES
TransAlta is selling off properties to allow families to come back to the community. 80 acres of wide open & fully fenced land on NE section 3.
SW15 - 161 ACRES
NW23(UNCUT) 161 ACRES 1/2 OPEN 1/2 TREES Matt Ferguson EXP REALTY
YOU CAN SEE ALL 3: 1.5 ACRE 264'X264' 151 ACRE 7 ACRE
NE10 (UNCUT) 7 Acre Subdivision
Drone shots from above - unedited NE10 (7 Acre Subdivision) Great Build Site Matt Ferguson EXP REALTY
Drone shots from above - unedited
Transalta is selling off land near Wabamun Lake. @ private acreage site with lots of trees and privacy. Contact Matt Ferguson Group for more information.
Transalta is selling off property to bring people back to the community! Here we go!
Transalta is selling off property to bring people back to the community! Here we go!
(NW of Section 3)
TransAlta is selling off properties to allow families to come back to the community. This one is WIDE OPEN!!! 241 acres of open land! Fully fenced!! The sale includes the NW quarter of section 3(160 acres) & half(80 acres) of the NE quarter of section 3. Large build site in the NW corner of the property which use to have a home previously so utilities are likely available.
(North-West Section 23)
North-West Section 23 half trees - half grass
South-East Section 15
160 Acres of wide-open land. Transalta is selling this land, previously in the mining plan, but now repopulating the community.

Transalta Land

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