Matt Ferguson Group Will Guarantee That Your Home Will Sell!

Why Would I Need a Sold Guarantee?

Our SOLD Guaranteed program ensures your home sells when you need it to. It is common for homeowners to struggle to get mortgage approval for a new home without the sale of their existing home, the SOLD guarantee fills that gap. You would have a firm contract to show your bank or lender that they would take into account when you are getting pre-approval on your new home. This program was designed to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often comes with home selling. With a guarantee, you can rest assured that your home will sell.

How to Determine the Listing Price

Someone from our team will conduct an onsite inspection of your home, after which we will perform a detailed market analysis of your property vs. similar homes in your neighbourhood and finally create a marketing plan and entire pricing strategy specific to your home.

Can I Sell My Home For a Higher Price?

You have up to 90 days to sell your home above the SOLD Guaranteed price provided by Matt Ferguson Group of EXP Realty.

What Happens if I Sell for Higher Within 90 Days?

With our marketing strategy, it is common to receive multiple offers and bidding wars on our listings. If you receive a higher offer than the list price, you will be able to accept that higher offer and ultimately make more money! The sold guarantee automatically becomes null and void.

Will You Guarantee the Price of Any Home?

This program is designed for sellers like you, we want our clients to utilize this program when they need it. We do need to visit your home and evaluate the property before we can guarantee your sale. This program is to benefit the seller of the property, we want to help but it is not for sellers who overpaid for their property and need to cover the loss they incurred. The reason we can offer this is that we are confident in our marketing strategy and we know that our marketing with net a higher sale price.  

Will You Guarantee My Home Outside of Edmonton?

The answer to this question will depend on the current market conditions and how far away your home is from our office. We invite you to ask us!

Our SOLD Guaranteed Price

Many homeowners are curious about the fine print. The fact is that we are confident that we can sell your home with our marketing strategy compared to an average single agent who does no marketing at all. A sign in the front yard and posting on MLS will not get you the highest price in the least amount of time. We do receive many calls from homeowners who have listed their homes two or three times with different agents for above market value and they want to see if we will guarantee that sale price.  Obviously, we can't just buy over-priced homes from sellers that have sat on the market for 90+ days, we may be able to guarantee a sale on those properties but we would take into account the fact that buyers have agreed that the home was not worth that amount, therefore we would often agree with the buyers of that market. The price would be set based on the properties' appeal to buyers, this is to ensure we can deliver on the guarantee.

We purchase the properties so that the sellers can move on to the next chapter of their life, we would close on your home and you would receive the purchase price agreed upon in full, with no commission or fees.

We would then re-list the property until it sells, we do not want to buy real estate for our company. If the market was to decrease, we would continue to lower the price until it finally sells. This could result in a financial loss for us.

It is important for sellers to know this so they understand that we are taking a significant risk and the reason that we are okay with the risk is that we know that we can sell a home for more money with our Extreme Exposure Marketing Plan vs. an average single agent with no marketing budget or experience.

The purpose of the program is to guarantee the home will be sold, no matter what. 

To find out more about your home's value click below! Fill out the contact information for more information.  

Guaranteed Sale Edmonton EXP Realty

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