Types of Properties in Edmonton

Types of Properties

As one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, Edmonton boasts a thriving real estate market with a wide variety of properties available. From stylish urban condos to sprawling suburban homes, Edmonton offers something for every homebuyer. In this article, we'll highlight some of the best neighborhoods in Edmonton for different types of properties, giving you an overview of what each area has to offer.

Types of Properties and Best Neighborhoods:

1. Downtown Condos:Donwtown Condos

Best Neighborhoods: Downtown, Oliver, Ice District
Overview: Downtown Edmonton is the hub of urban living, offering a vibrant lifestyle with easy access to amenities.
Why Choose: If you're seeking a modern condo with city views, proximity to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, Downtown Edmonton is the place to be.
Popular Buildings: The Pearl, Ultima, Icon II, and Fox Towers are among the sought-after condo buildings in the area.

Single_Family_Home_Edmonton2. Suburban Single-Family Homes:

Best Neighborhoods: Glenora, Crestwood, Terwillegar, Windermere
Overview: Suburban neighborhoods in Edmonton provide spacious single-family homes with yards, perfect for families.
Why Choose: These neighborhoods offer a quieter, more family-friendly environment with parks, schools, and community amenities.
Popular Areas: Glenora and Crestwood are known for their historic charm and tree-lined streets, while Terwillegar and Windermere offer newer developments with modern amenities.

3. Townhouses and Duplexes:

Best Neighborhoods:Townhouses and Duplexes Strathcona, Ritchie, Summerside, Griesbach
Overview: Townhouses and duplexes offer a middle ground between condos and single-family homes, ideal for first-time buyers or downsizers.
Why Choose: These neighborhoods provide a balance of affordability and space, often with outdoor areas and attached garages.
Popular Choices: Strathcona and Ritchie are close to Whyte Avenue and offer a mix of historic and newer townhouses. Summerside and Griesbach feature modern townhomes with access to lakes and parks.

Luxury Estates and Acreages4. Luxury Estates and Acreages:

Best Neighborhoods: Windermere Estates, Parkview, Cameron Heights, Sturgeon County
Overview: For those seeking luxury living or acreage properties, these neighborhoods offer expansive estates and rural settings.
Why Choose: Windermere Estates boasts gated communities and custom-built homes with lakefront views, while Parkview and Cameron Heights provide luxury homes near the river valley.
Rural Living: Sturgeon County offers acreages and rural estates for those desiring a peaceful lifestyle outside the city.

5. Heritage Homes and Character Properties:

Heritage Homes and Character Properties

Best Neighborhoods: Westmount, Strathcona, Highlands, Alberta Avenue
Overview: Edmonton has a rich history, and these neighborhoods are known for their heritage homes and character properties.
Why Choose: If you appreciate historic architecture and unique charm, these areas offer restored homes with original features.
Historic Charm: Westmount and Highlands feature tree-lined streets with century-old homes, while Strathcona and Alberta Avenue offer a mix of historic and artsy vibes.


Edmonton's real estate market is diverse and exciting, with neighborhoods to suit every preference and lifestyle. Whether you're drawn to the energy of downtown living, the tranquility of suburban neighborhoods, or the charm of heritage homes, Edmonton has the perfect property for you. Explore these top neighborhoods for various types of properties and start your journey to finding your dream home in this dynamic city.