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35 Essential Items for Your New Construction Walkthrough Checklist

The Importance of a Blue Tape Walkthrough

In new construction walkthroughs, often known as "blue tape walkthroughs," buyers use blue painter’s tape to mark areas needing attention. This step is vital, especially for customized new homes, to ensure everything is up to par.

What to Anticipate in Your Final Walkthrough

A final walkthrough, typically lasting about two hours, is your chance to verify every aspect of your new home. Minor issues like paint touch-ups are common, but it's also the time to identify more significant concerns like plumbing or roofing issues.

Preparing for Your Walkthrough: What to Bring

Bring items like blue tape, a notebook, a camera, and a flashlight. These tools will help you meticulously inspect each part of your home and document any issues.

Your New Construction Walkthrough Checklist

Here’s a detailed checklist to guide you through your new home inspection:


  • Driveway and Concrete: Check for cracks and ensure level paving.
  • Gutters: Verify correct installation and functionality.
  • Hardscaping: Test outdoor features like fire pits for proper operation.
  • Irrigation: Ensure all systems function well with good water pressure.
  • Landscaping: Assess the readiness and appeal of outdoor greenery.
  • Paint: Look for flaws in exterior paintwork.


  • Garage Doors: Test for smooth operation.
  • Lighting and Features: Verify correct installation of lights and security systems.

Balconies, Decks, Patios, and Porches

  • Flooring and Rails: Ensure safe, secure installation of all outdoor elements.


  • Functionality: Test all doors for smooth operation.
  • Doorbell: Confirm it's working correctly.

Floors and Stairs

  • Floors: Check for even installation, cracks, and squeaks.
  • Stairs: Ensure safety and secure installation of all components.

Walls and Ceilings

  • Ceilings: Inspect for proper paint and signs of damage.
  • Trims: Verify the quality of all molding and baseboards.
  • Walls: Ensure even paint and no damage.


  • Functionality: Test all windows for smooth operation and security.


  • Cabinets and Drawers: Check for smooth operation and finish.
  • Sink and Appliances: Test all included appliances and plumbing.


  • Cabinets and Fixtures: Inspect for functionality and finish.
  • Plumbing: Test all sinks, toilets, and tubs.


  • Breaker Box: Ensure proper labeling and functionality.
  • Fixtures and Outlets: Test all electrical components.


  • Faucets: Check for leaks and proper water pressure.

Heating and Cooling

  • System Functionality: Test heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Attic and Basement

  • Condition: Inspect for finish, water damage, insulation, and ventilation.

Addressing Issues Found During the Walkthrough

Finding minor issues is normal. Document them with blue tape and photos, and discuss repair timelines and follow-up inspections with your builder.

Post Move-In

Expect to provide lists of repairs within the first few months and before the builder's warranty expires. Keep records of these communications.

Remember, a new construction walkthrough is your safeguard to ensure every corner of your home is as perfect as you envisioned. Take your time, be thorough, and step closer to making your new house a home.

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