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Could I overpay for a brand new home?
You love the show home, you want to build your dream home… but wait, the price seems high compare to homes on MLS. How to you know that you aren’t overpaying? Resale homes have a market value based on what buyers are willing to pay but new home prices are based on build cost and land value. Did you know that those two prices could differ by 10%? It’s important to look at resale home sales in the area of homes that are two years old, that will give you an idea of what your new home will be worth in 2 years.
Do you know who is building your home? What’s their reputation?
You want a company to build your dream home, do you know who is really building your home? Do they have a good reputation? How is their communication? build time? craftsmanship? customer service? This information will be available, you will just need to find it. You can even ask for references from their previous clients or go look at their previous builds. If you would like advise on our favourite builders, reach out to me or someone on our team. Matt Ferguson EXP REALTY
Do you need to inspect your builders work?
Should you get a home inspection... after all, it's brand new, what could be wrong?
Make sure you choose the floor plan carefully.
When you’re building your dream home, it’s important to choose the floor plan carefully, some people when they get inside the house for the first time don’t like how the layout is or they don’t like how it feels. They thought they would love the home because they saw it on a Spec sheet but when they’re inside the home, it actually feels very different than what it looked like on pictures or online. Also take into account how you’re going to use the home and what kind of floor plan works best for you and you
Are you thinking about building a home?
We have put together some of the commonly asked questions that we get from buyers when they are considering building a home or buying a brand-new spec home.
What you see isn't always what you get when you build your home
The showhomes are usually loaded with upgrades so don't fall in love with that home or you may be disappointed with the home that you build.
What does your new home warranty cover?
You have a new home warranty but do you know what is covered and for how long?
What upgrades increase the value of the home you build
What upgrades get the best return on investment and which ones get the worst?
Can you negotiate with a builder?
The answer is definitely maybe but perhaps not?!?
Market Watch | Edmonton
The real estate market is constantly changing. If you are thinking about selling your home then now is a really good time. Property values have increased over the past few years and pent-up demand is pushing the price even higher!

Introduction to New Construction Resources in Edmonton

Navigating the new construction landscape in Edmonton can be daunting, whether you're a first-time home builder or a seasoned developer. Our guide aims to provide comprehensive resources and advice to streamline your construction process in Edmonton's vibrant real estate market.

The Importance of Reliable Construction Resources

Having access to accurate and reliable resources is crucial for the success of any construction project. From local building codes to the latest construction trends, having the right information at your fingertips can save time, money, and stress.

Edmonton’s Dynamic Construction Scene

Edmonton's construction scene is characterized by its diversity and innovation. Staying informed and updated with the latest developments and resources is key to navigating this dynamic environment.

Essential Resources for New Construction in Edmonton

A successful construction project requires a variety of resources, from regulatory guidelines to material suppliers.

Understanding Local Building Codes and Regulations

Familiarizing yourself with Edmonton's building codes and regulations is the first step. These guidelines ensure that your construction is safe, compliant, and sustainable.

Finding Qualified Contractors and Builders

Selecting the right contractors and builders is crucial. Look for professionals with experience, good reputation, and a portfolio that aligns with your project's needs.

Material Suppliers and Shopping Tips

Choosing the right materials can impact the quality and sustainability of your build. Explore Edmonton's material suppliers and learn tips for selecting high-quality and cost-effective materials.

Tools and Services for Construction Management

Effective management is key to the success of a construction project. Utilize available tools and services to keep your project on track.

Project Management Software and Apps

Leverage technology with project management software and apps designed for construction. These tools can help with scheduling, budgeting, and communication.

Professional Services and Consultations

Consider professional services like architects, engineers, and construction consultants. Their expertise can provide valuable insights and solutions for complex projects.

Navigating Financial Aspects of Construction

The financial side of construction can be complex. Understanding your options and planning accordingly is essential.

Budgeting and Cost Estimation

Develop a realistic budget and use cost estimation tools to stay within financial limits. Anticipate potential costs and plan for contingencies.

Financing Options and Grants

Explore various financing options, including loans, mortgages, and government grants. Some programs in Edmonton may offer financial support for specific types of construction projects.

Staying Informed with Latest Trends and Best Practices

The construction industry is constantly evolving. Staying informed about the latest trends and best practices can enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your project.

Sustainable Building Practices

Learn about sustainable building practices and how to incorporate them into your project. Edmonton is increasingly focusing on eco-friendly construction.

Industry Workshops and Seminars

Attend workshops and seminars to gain insights from industry experts. These events are great opportunities for networking and learning.

Conclusion: Building Success with the Right Resources

Armed with the right resources and knowledge, your new construction project in Edmonton can be a rewarding and successful endeavor. Use this guide as a starting point to navigate the complexities of construction and turn your vision into reality.

FAQ for buyers who are thinking about building a home:

What types of new homes are available in Edmonton?
Edmonton offers a wide variety of new homes, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condos. You can choose from different styles such as contemporary, traditional, and modern, and different sizes, from small starter homes to larger luxury homes.

How do I find a reputable builder in Edmonton?
To find a reputable builder in Edmonton, you can check out our list of top builders in the area. You can also research online, ask for recommendations from friends and family, and visit the builder's model homes to see the quality of their work.

Are there any incentives or programs for first-time homebuyers in Edmonton?
Yes, there are several incentives and programs for first-time homebuyers in Edmonton, such as the First-Time Home Buyer Program and the New Home Warranty Program. These programs provide financial assistance and protection for buyers purchasing a new home.

Can I customize my new home in Edmonton?
Many builders in Edmonton offer options for customization. You can choose from different floor plans, finishes, and upgrades to make your new home unique to your needs and preferences.

How long does it take to build a new home in Edmonton?
The time it takes to build a new home in Edmonton can vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the home, and the availability of materials and labor. On average, it can take anywhere from six months to a year to build a new home.

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