Craft Your Dream Open Concept Space with Professional Beam Installation

Seamless Transformation from Closed Rooms to Expansive Living Areas

Embrace the elegance of modern living with our specialized beam installation services. Whether you're looking to enhance the flow of your home, increase natural light, or simply create a more welcoming space, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life by expertly removing main walls and installing supportive beams for an open concept renovation.

Why Open Concept?

  • Spaciousness: Detail how open concept living removes barriers to create a sense of spaciousness.
  • Light and Flow: Explain the benefits of increased natural light and improved movement throughout the space.
  • Social Interaction: Highlight how open concept spaces facilitate social gatherings and family time.

The Role of Beams in Open Concept Renovations

  • Structural Integrity: Discuss the importance of beams in maintaining the structural integrity of your home.
  • Aesthetic Integration: Showcase how beams can be integrated aesthetically into the design of your space.
  • Custom Solutions: Emphasize the ability to customize the beam material and look to suit individual preferences.

Our Beam Installation Process

  • Consultation: Begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your needs and assess your space.
  • Design: Move on to the design phase where we plan the beam placement and appearance.
  • Engineering: Cover the engineering aspect, ensuring the beam will provide the necessary support.
  • Installation: Describe the precise and safe installation process carried out by our certified professionals.
  • Finishing: Conclude with the finishing touches that integrate the beam seamlessly into your space.

Safety and Compliance

  • Permits and Regulations: Assure visitors that all work will comply with local building codes and permits.
  • Quality Materials: Commit to using only the highest-quality materials for safety and durability.

Gallery of Transformations

  • Display before-and-after photos of successful open-concept transformations.


1. Is professional help needed or can you DIY?

Existing structural, electrical and mechanical systems likely necessitate professional consultation and installations to meet building codes - though ancillary work can be DIY.

2. How long does an open concept remodel take to complete?

Depending on permitting and work scope, they can be executed in 2 weeks for small spaces but often take 4-8 weeks with more expanded scopes. Schedule accordingly.

3. Does resale value increase after an open concept renovation?

Yes, when done well these remodels provide very profitable ROI by creating coveted, flowing contemporary layouts that home buyers actively seek out.

Ready to open your space and let your home breathe? Contact us today for a consultation and step into the future of home design.

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