About Richmond Industrial Park

Richmond Industrial Park is a bustling neighborhood located in the northeastern part of Grande Prairie, a city in northern Alberta, Canada. The neighborhood is primarily an industrial area, but it also has some residential properties. It is conveniently located near several major highways, making it easily accessible to and from other parts of the city.

The neighborhood is home to a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing companies, construction firms, and transportation companies. There are also several retail stores and restaurants in the area that cater to the needs of the local workforce. Some of the major employers in the neighborhood include Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Weyerhaeuser, and Shaw Communications.

While the neighborhood is primarily industrial, it is not without its residential areas. There are a few apartment buildings and townhouses in the area that provide affordable housing options for workers in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is also home to a few parks and green spaces, including the large Musreau Lake Provincial Park.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Richmond Industrial Park is its proximity to a variety of amenities. Residents can easily access grocery stores, shopping centers, and entertainment venues, which are located just a short drive away in other parts of Grande Prairie.

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Richmond Industrial Park Homes for Sale

Richmond Industrial Park in Grande Prairie, Canada, is a popular location for those looking to buy a new home. The area is known for its excellent amenities and proximity to major transportation hubs, making it a prime spot for businesses and families alike. Homes for sale in Richmond Industrial Park range from modern, newly built properties to charming, well-maintained homes with a lot of character.

With a diverse selection of properties available, potential buyers are sure to find a home that meets their unique needs and preferences. Additionally, the area's vibrant community and convenient location make it an attractive option for those looking to invest in real estate.


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Richmond Industrial Park, Grande Prairie
Rating Title Rating Rating (short) description Icon (use .png images)
Livability 69

Ranked 13th neighbourhood in Grande Prairie. Ranked 656th neighbourhood in Alberta. Ranks better than 67% of areas

Amenities A+

Lots of amenities close to this location

Cost of Living A+

Cost of living is 14% lower than Alberta

Crime F

Total crime is 137% higher than Alberta

Employment C-

Household income is 7% lower than Alberta

Housing D

Home value is 35% lower than Alberta

Schools B

HS graduation rate is 4% lower than Alberta

Common FAQs

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What appeals to buyers about housing options close to the Richmond Industrial Park?
Practicality for business owners and industrial employees commuting to work. Some entrepreneurial allowances on lands backing commercial areas too. Competitive pricing compared to most Grande Prairie homes.
What types of businesses are located in Richmond Industrial Park?
Richmond Industrial Park is home to a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing, construction, transportation, and wholesale trade. Some of the businesses located in the neighborhood include trucking companies, industrial equipment suppliers, and construction contractors.
Is Richmond Industrial Park a safe neighborhood?
Overall, Richmond Industrial Park is considered a safe neighborhood. However, as with any commercial or industrial area, there may be some safety concerns associated with heavy machinery, industrial vehicles, and potentially hazardous materials.