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When it comes to selecting a place to call home, safety ranks high on the list of priorities for most people. In Edmonton, a city known for its diverse and expansive neighbourhoods, certain areas stand out for their safety, community engagement, and overall quality of life. This article explores the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton, providing valuable insights for residents and homebuyers aiming to make informed decisions about their future homes.

The Criteria for Safety

Before diving into the list of safest neighbourhoods, it's crucial to understand the criteria that define safety. Factors such as low crime rates, strong community presence, accessibility to emergency services, well-lit streets, and active neighbourhood watches all contribute to the overall sense of security in a community.

Top Safest Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

1. Terwillegar Towne

Terwillegar Towne is renowned for its tight-knit community and active residents association, which fosters a safe and engaging environment. The neighbourhood's design emphasizes pedestrian-friendly streets and has a variety of community-led programs that promote safety and connectivity among residents.

2. Riverbend

Riverbend stands out for its established community, scenic views, and well-maintained public spaces. The area's low crime rate and active community league contribute to its reputation as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton, making it an ideal choice for families.

3. Windermere

Windermere is a newer development known for its luxury homes and high standards of community planning. With modern infrastructure, dedicated green spaces, and a proactive homeowners association, Windermere offers a secure and upscale living experience.

4. Summerside

Summerside is unique for its residents-only lake and beach club, creating a resort-like atmosphere that's also family-friendly. The neighbourhood's design promotes community interactions, and the private recreational facilities add an extra layer of security and exclusivity.

5. Westmount

With its historic charm and active community initiatives, Westmount is a neighbourhood that prides itself on safety and community spirit. The area's revitalization efforts have enhanced its appeal, making it a safe choice for individuals who appreciate a blend of modern amenities and historical character.

Ensuring Your Safety

While these neighbourhoods are highlighted for their safety, it's important for residents and potential homebuyers to take proactive steps to ensure their security. Engaging with community leagues, participating in neighbourhood watch programs, and staying informed about local issues are all effective ways to contribute to the safety of your community.


Edmonton offers a variety of safe neighbourhoods that cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences. From family-friendly communities with active residents associations to luxury developments with private amenities, the city provides peaceful living environments where safety is a top priority. Whether you're relocating within Edmonton or considering the city as your new home, exploring these safest neighbourhoods is a great starting point in your search for a secure and fulfilling place to live.