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For families moving to Edmonton or those planning to start a family, the quality of local schools is often a top priority. Edmonton boasts a variety of neighbourhoods with outstanding educational facilities, from public to private institutions. This article delves into the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton for schools, ensuring parents can make informed decisions about where to plant roots for the benefit of their children's education and future.

Edmonton's Premier Neighbourhoods for Schools

1. Windsor Park

Windsor Park is adjacent to the University of Alberta, making it a prime location for access to top-tier educational opportunities. The neighbourhood hosts highly rated schools and is known for its community's emphasis on academic achievement, making it an ideal choice for families prioritizing education.

2. Riverbend

Riverbend is celebrated for its comprehensive range of educational facilities catering to all ages. It's a community that values education highly, featuring several of Edmonton’s most respected schools. Families in Riverbend enjoy access to numerous parks and recreational areas, enhancing the quality of family life alongside educational excellence.

3. Terwillegar Towne

Terwillegar Towne stands out for its modern approach to community living and education. It houses several well-regarded schools within walking distance of residential areas, fostering a safe and engaging environment for students. The neighbourhood’s active community league further supports family and educational activities.

4. Westmount

Offering a blend of historic charm and modern amenities, Westmount is home to some of Edmonton's most innovative educational programs. The neighbourhood prides itself on inclusive schools that cater to diverse learning needs, making it a standout choice for families with a keen interest in progressive education.

5. Summerside

Summerside is unique for its lake and beach club, but it's also gaining recognition for its educational facilities. With new schools that emphasize community involvement and innovative learning methods, Summerside is becoming a sought-after neighbourhood for families looking for a holistic educational environment.

The Importance of Community in Education

Beyond the classroom, the best neighbourhoods for schools in Edmonton offer vibrant communities that support children's development. These areas often have active parent-teacher associations, community leagues, and recreational programs that enrich students' educational experiences.


Selecting a neighbourhood in Edmonton with access to quality schools is a critical decision for families. Windsor Park, Riverbend, Terwillegar Towne, Westmount, and Summerside represent the city's best in terms of educational opportunities and community life. Each of these neighbourhoods offers a unique blend of academic excellence and a supportive community, ensuring children have the best start in life. As Edmonton continues to grow, these neighbourhoods stand as beacons of educational quality, making them ideal choices for families prioritizing schooling in their home search.