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When it comes to finding the perfect place to call home, families often have a unique set of criteria that includes access to quality education, safety, recreational facilities, and a strong sense of community. Edmonton, with its diverse range of neighbourhoods, offers several areas that meet these needs, making it an ideal city for families to settle down and thrive. This article highlights the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton for families, taking into consideration the essentials that contribute to a happy and healthy family life.

Top Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

1. Terwillegar Towne

Terwillegar Towne is renowned for its sense of community and family-oriented atmosphere. With numerous parks, playgrounds, and an active community league that organizes family events throughout the year, it’s a neighbourhood designed with family life in mind. The area also boasts several top-rated schools, making it a top choice for families prioritizing education.

2. Riverbend

Riverbend is another excellent choice for families, offering a mix of peaceful residential streets and access to some of Edmonton’s best natural landscapes. The neighbourhood features well-established schools, ample green spaces, and a variety of housing options to suit different family sizes and budgets.

3. Summerside

Unique for its residents-only lake and beach club, Summerside offers an exceptional lifestyle that’s hard to find elsewhere in the city. This neighbourhood fosters a strong community vibe, with year-round activities for families. Its safe streets and modern amenities make it a highly desirable area for those looking for a blend of urban convenience and recreational living.

4. Westmount

For families that appreciate the charm of historic neighbourhoods combined with modern amenities, Westmount is an ideal choice. It features diverse architectural styles, proximity to Edmonton’s vibrant downtown, and a variety of educational options. The community’s active involvement in local events and projects fosters a welcoming environment for new families.

5. Windermere

Windermere is a newer development known for its luxury amenities and high-quality schools. With its beautifully designed homes, ample green spaces, and convenient access to shopping and entertainment, Windermere caters to families seeking a modern and upscale living environment. The community is also well-planned, ensuring safety and comfort for its residents.

Why These Neighbourhoods Stand Out

The best neighbourhoods for families in Edmonton share several key characteristics: access to quality education, safe environments, abundant recreational facilities, and a strong sense of community. These areas not only provide the practical amenities families need but also foster environments where children can thrive and parents can connect with like-minded individuals. Choosing to live in one of these neighbourhoods means investing in your family’s quality of life and future.


Edmonton is home to a variety of neighbourhoods that are perfect for families looking to put down roots and grow together. Whether you're drawn to the exclusive amenities of Summerside, the historic charm of Westmount, or the community spirit of Terwillegar Towne, there's a place in Edmonton that's right for your family. By considering what matters most to you in terms of education, safety, and lifestyle, you can find a neighbourhood in Edmonton that not only meets but exceeds your family’s needs and expectations.