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Navigating Edmonton's Landscape: Communities to Approach with Caution

When searching for a new home, safety is a paramount concern. In Edmonton, while many communities offer vibrant living experiences, there are areas where crime rates are higher, which might influence your decision-making process. Below, we spotlight communities where potential buyers should exercise caution, backed by the latest crime statistics and community insights.


Insight: Westwood, facing challenges with property and violent crimes, requires careful consideration. Potential investors should note the city's efforts to enhance safety through increased policing and community programs.

Alberta Avenue

Insight: Known for its rich cultural tapestry and historic value, Alberta Avenue is also an area working to overcome crime-related challenges. Community revitalization projects are in place, aiming to improve safety and livability.

Queen Mary Park

Insight: This neighbourhood's proximity to central Edmonton brings a mix of opportunities and challenges, including a higher incidence of crime. The community's active engagement in safety initiatives indicates a promising direction for future improvement.


Insight: Calder's history as one of Edmonton's oldest communities is juxtaposed with its need to address current urban safety concerns. Investment in community policing and local development projects is seen as a key strategy for transformation.


Insight: Balwin's diverse community is working together to address safety and crime concerns, making it a neighbourhood in transition. With concerted efforts from residents and local authorities, Balwin aims to enhance its appeal and security.

Making Informed Decisions

Choosing where to live in Edmonton involves weighing various factors, including community safety, amenities, and future growth potential. These areas, highlighted for their higher crime rates, are also communities where concerted efforts towards improvement could herald a brighter future. Potential buyers should consider both current statistics and ongoing initiatives to enhance safety and community well-being.

Staying Ahead with Accurate Information

For those considering a move, staying updated with the latest developments and community initiatives is crucial. Engaging with local communities, attending neighborhood meetings, and reviewing updated crime statistics can provide a clearer picture of each area's progress and challenges.


Edmonton's diverse neighbourhoods each tell a story of growth, challenge, and community. As the city evolves, so do its communities, with many areas showing promise for the future. In your home-buying journey, careful consideration of these factors will help guide your decision towards finding a safe and welcoming community in Edmonton.

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