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DISC personality types

DISC personality types




There are four major behavioral stylesanalytical, amiable, driver and expressive.

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The DISC model describes four main styles: D, I, S, and C. D is for Dominance, i is for Influence, S is for Steadiness, and C is for Conscientiousness. Everyone is a mixture of each style, but most people tend to fall into one or two main DISC style quadrants.

The DISC assessment is a measure of interpersonal behavior. It classifies how we interact in terms of four personality styles: Drive: taking charge and making key decisions. Influence: engaging others to work together. The type D personality profile, also known as Dominance or D style, is one of the four basic DISC types that originate from William Marston's DISC Model. D Styles are the rarest personality type and they form approximately 9% of the worldwide population.

The I is very talkative, enthusiastic, and optimistic. They thrive on fun experiences and being around other people. The I-style will talk to a complete stranger and is not afraid to be the center of attention. They tend to be both trusting and optimistic. S: being steady, stable, and predictable; even-tempered, friendly, sympathetic with others, and very generous with loved ones. The S is understanding and listens well.. C is for Conscientiousness. The C style works with details and information, they excel, yet if they find problems or perceive a risk, they will try to avoid or postpone decisions based on it.

What is the most common DISC personality? According to the 2019 Extended DISC validation study, the S personality type is the most common DISC style at a global level. Dominant S styles make up 32% of the worldwide population. They understand that to lead, motivate and influence their employees, they must identify each person's style and modify their own leadership style accordingly.

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Charisma, decisiveness, loyalty, and integrity are qualities considered essential for a leader. However, these descriptors encompass more than one DISC style.

The Best Way to Take DISC Assessments

  1. Give Yourself Time: Depending on the assessment they can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes
  2. Do It In One Sitting, Without Any Interruptions: The question types can easily get mixed up if you take breaks or have distractions

Can your DiSC profile change over time? In general, the average person's profile tends to stay fairly consistent over time. While small differences in results from one time to the next may occur, major shifts in style are unlikely.

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