Unveiling New Agent Tactics | Make $100k in Your First Year

These are the essential tactics for new agents. In this video, I'm unveiling new agent tactics that will help you make $100k in your first year as a real estate agent. These strategies will help you build your real estate business and make more money in your first year as a realtor! If you're looking to make a career in real estate, then you NEED to watch this video! I'm revealing new tactics that will help you make $100k in your first year as a real estate agent. These strategies will help you build your real estate business and make more money in your first year as a realtor!

1. Track & Measure Everything!

One advantage to being relatively new to real estate is that you haven’t had time to establish bad habits that need to be broken.
Instead, you can develop strong habits right from the start.
One of which is definitely to track and measure everything you do.
We live in an era where data is king.
The more you know your numbers, the more predictability you can bring to your business.

Knowing that data is extremely comforting when you fear the rejection of making your phone calls. Instead of seeing it as rejection, you’ll start to see it as “one call closer” to getting your desired result.

  •  Goal appointments 
  • Actual appointments
  • Conversations
  • Calls
  • Call-to-appointment conversion rate
  • Closed transactions
  • GCI/earnings

Make sure you have something (software) or someone (coach) to hold you accountable to track and measure your numbers!

2. Prioritize Getting to Know Your Market

The more time you spend studying the market inside your MLS, the more confidently you can speak with prospects and clients.
Most agents don’t spend nearly enough time really getting to know their market. The more you study things like new listings coming on the market, new pendings, new sales, expired listings, time on market, sales price vs. asking price, etc., the greater your ability to impress prospects and clients. Invest the time by making this part of your everyday morning routine. Then you’ll automatically know the trends in your marketplace.

3. Build Your Database

It could be argued that your database is the most important part of your real estate business. The more you grow your database and the more you communicate with people inside your database, the more successful you will be.

Start now!

Don’t make the common mistake of getting caught up in choosing the “perfect” CRM. Use whichever one your company provides and start populating it with every contact inside your phone. Then expand that circle by thinking about who else is in your orbit – family acquaintances, club members, church members, service providers like hair dressers, doctors, former co-workers, etc. – and add them as well.
Then, create a plan to call and/or “touch” these people in some way on a regular basis.

5. Identify Your Lead Generation Sources
You may have heard me talk about agents’ “lead pillars” and the importance of diversification. It’s a simple concept... The more fishing lines you put into the water, the greater your chances of catching a fish.
So when deciding how you’re going to generate business as a real estate professional, you need to choose specific lead sources – keeping in mind that each one will require some combination of time, money, and energy.
Good news: We already established the first lead source – your database – in the previous step.

We strongly recommend you choose at least two more from the following:

  • Geographic farming/Direct mail
  • Digital advertising
  • Open Houses/Virtual Open Houses
  • Circle Prospecting around recent sales
  • Outdoor advertising (billboards, bus benches, etc. in your market)
  • TV and/or Radio

Explore your options and be sure to take into consideration the time they’ll require, your budget, and what to communicate in your messaging.
Long story short... Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Divers

5. Build Your Brand
In case you didn’t realize it already (we’re joking... we know you did), there’s A LOT of competition in real estate.
Worse yet, consumers think that every agent is basically the same.
That’s why differentiation is critical.
And the best way to differentiate yourself from the crowd is through powerful, personal branding.

Here are 7 questions to help you build your own brand:
1. Who are my clients/prospects?
2. What are their pain points/ambitions/fears/desires?
3. How can I help them get what they want?
4. Who am I? What are my unique, quirky or interesting or meaningful qualities, history or attributes? (People want to work with people they like and are just like them)
5. What specialty skills or insights do I bring to the table?
6. What market do I serve? (How well do I know it/how well could I know it?)
7. How will I bring all of this to market? (Video!)

Establish Your Expertise
You got into real estate to sell houses, but there are lots of steps to get you to that end result.
One of the best ways to establish your expertise and differentiate yourself from the competition is to become a powerful content creator.
Make sure you’re active on social media and that you put out videos regularly. The more people see you on video, the more of a local authority you’ll become.

Here are some options to choose from on a weekly basis:

  • How’s the market? – Update on sales, prices, trends, etc.
  • Behind the scenes – Give people a glimpse inside your process, after you just came out of an appointment, studying the MLS, etc.
  • Around town – Featuring local businesses, etc.
  • Interviews with local figures – Politicians, school principals, etc.
  • Listing videos – Home tours

Create at least one anchor video every week and then multi-purpose it on all of your social media channels.
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Unveiling New Agent Tactics: Make $100k in Your First Year
These are the essential tactics for new agents. In this video, I'm unveiling new agent tactics that will help you make $100k in your first year as a real estate agent. These strategies will help you build your real estate business and make more money in your first year as a realtor!
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