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Top 10 Best Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

We surveyed residents of Edmonton to identify neighborhoods they consider secure and desirable for family life. Recognizing that each family has unique requirements, it's crucial to establish your own set of criteria to determine which neighborhoods offer the ideal mix of features. Common traits among Edmonton's top neighborhoods include convenient access to activities, close-knit community atmospheres, and, most importantly, minimal crime rates.

For many households, the safety of a neighborhood is a critical factor when selecting a new place to live. Edmonton boasts a variety of neighborhoods characterized by low crime rates and robust community bonds, making them perfect for family living.

Below are the top 10 neighborhoods in Edmonton, as selected by its residents.

1. Hazeldean

New homeowners looking for a safe neighbourhood that offers many family-friendly amenities should look no further than Hazeldean. You may have to increase your budget to find the perfect home. But, the lush green surroundings, views of the valley, and easy access to the rest of the city are worth every penny. 

2. Windsor Park

Windsor Park is safe, well-maintained, and conveniently located. Now, it’s worth noting that this is one of the most desirable parts of Edmonton, so home prices here are above the city average. Nevertheless, Windsor Park is a great option if you have older children and want to live in a smaller community with easy access to everything. 

3. Strathcona

If you’re concerned about safety while looking for the best family neighbourhoods in Edmonton, your list has to feature Strathcona. In addition to a great local community, Strathcona is home to Whyte Avenue, a vibrant boulevard that runs through the historic part of the neighbourhood. Whyte Ave features dozens of pubs, restaurants, and other entertainment options, so you can enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere during the daytime and a vibrant cultural scene after dark.  

4. Ritchie

As far as neighbourhoods go, Ritchie offers a unique combination of a suburb-like setup that’s still minutes away from the action.

Ritchie is home to young families, long-time residents, and singles because it has a little something for everyone. In addition to great shopping and dining options, you can choose from a variety of housing options including detached homes. Located a short 10-minute drive from Downtown, Ritchie residents enjoy easy access to the heart of Edmonton as well as natural resources like the Mill Creek Ravine. 

5. Ambleside

Ambleside has become a popular alternative for young families because it offers affordable housing and high safety levels. Singles and couples also have a collection of apartments and condos available, not to mention nearby shopping centres and dining establishments. The best part may be that the neighbourhood residents have easy access to healthcare facilities and recreational areas designed for family use. 

6. Aspen Gardens

Aspen Gardens is one of the best communities in Edmonton for families who want to live in a safe area surrounded by nature. 

While it’s true that Aspen Garden residents need to drive a few minutes to access many amenities in the neighbourhood, this part of Edmonton features spacious family homes suitable for households of all sizes. In addition to an elementary school and junior high, families also have easy access to quiet paths designed for cycling or walking. 

7. Belgravia

Belgravia has been one of Edmonton’s safest neighbourhoods for decades. However, some reports indicate a small increase of 2% in crime rates over the last 5 years. While you should always check crime rates, Belgravia should be on your shortlist of alternatives due to its location and home prices and the fact that the neighbourhood has recently been renovated. 

8. McKernan

If there is one neighbourhood in Edmonton that’s perfect for professionals and students concerned about safety, it’s McKernan. 

McKernan is located adjacent to the University of Alberta campus, and it offers easy access to a wide range of public transport alternatives. You can expect a lively scene if you live here, but don’t let this discourage you. The neighbourhood has a good reputation for its friendly, welcoming community and safe vibe.

9. Garneau

Garneau is a historic neighbourhood with a collection of renowned landmarks, like the University of Alberta and the Garneau Theatre. This community is also one of the best areas to live in Edmonton because it’s safe, diverse, and full of great amenities.

As expected from a neighbourhood with an active university, new homeowners can choose from a wide range of apartments and condos. Nevertheless, Garneau also features superb houses and is known for its highly-regarded elementary school. 

Honourable Mentions

Edmonton is chock full of beautiful, safe neighbourhoods, so our list above is not comprehensive by any means. To find the best option for your family, your best bet is to work with a reliable real estate professional, like a Justo agent. Our experts are familiar with all Edmonton neighbourhoods, including areas that didn’t make our top 10 list.

Here are a few honourable mentions that you should also keep in mind and discuss with your real estate agent: