Is The Northside Safe? A Look at the Dangerous Communities in Edmonton

When it comes to choosing a place to live or invest in real estate, safety is often top of mind for many individuals. North Edmonton, often referred to as "the Northside", has undergone numerous changes over the years. But is the Northside safe? We've delved into crime statistics, community reviews, and local insights to bring you a list of some of the safest communities in North Edmonton.

The Crime Stats Speak

Comparing crime statistics from various neighbourhoods provides an objective measure of safety. Many North Edmonton communities have seen significant drops in crime rates over the past few years.

1. Castle Downs

Comprising several neighbourhoods like Dunluce and Beaumaris, Castle Downs is often praised for its family-friendly environment, parks, and low crime rates.

2. Oxford

With its serene lakes, walking trails, and a tight-knit community, Oxford stands out not only for its beauty but also for its safety record.

3. Cumberland

Cumberland's active community league and watch programs contribute significantly to its reputation as a safe and engaging neighborhood.

4. Griesbach

Formerly a military base, Griesbach's transformation into a residential area came with meticulous planning, ensuring safe streets and a cohesive community feel.

Community Engagement Matters

A common thread among the safest communities is high levels of resident involvement. Neighbourhood watches, community leagues, and local events foster a sense of belonging and collective vigilance.

While no community is immune to occasional issues, North Edmonton boasts several neighborhoods where safety and community spirit thrive. If you've ever found yourself asking, "Is the Northside safe?", the answer, in many respects, is a resounding yes.

For a comprehensive breakdown of Edmonton's communities, their safety ratings, and real estate insights, stay tuned to Move Faster's in-depth coverage.


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